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Roger said...

I was about 12 years old, living in the Florida School for Boys at Marianna, when they called me to the head office. They told me that I would soon visit the ‘White House,’ which was a torture room for boys who broke one of their many rules or tried to escape. I was sent to the school for trying to escape from the Children's Home Society orphanage in Jacksonville. I had been incarcerated there for 10 years for the ‘crime’ of having no parents to care for me.

When I heard that they were taking me to this ‘White House,’ an extreme fear came over me. I almost passed out and was trembling so badly that my legs collapsed under me. I fell to the floor and lay there. The men told me to "get my sorry butt up" and sit down on the hard, wooden bench outside the office. I waited there for the two men who would take me to the ‘White House.’ I knew their routine well, as I had heard about it from many other boys who were taken there. Other than the time I learned that I had cancer and would die within six months, I have never known more fear than when I was told I was going to be taken to this place.

After a wait of about 30 minutes, these two men came to get me. They grabbed me by my arms and lifted me off the bench. There were several other boys in the office with me, so I had to try to act as though I was not scared, but they knew. The two men walked with me across the grass circle that divided the offices from the ‘White House.’ We stopped at another office and a man with one arm walked out. He took the place of one of the men holding me. We continued walking toward the mess hall. As we rounded the building, I could see it right in front of me: ‘THE WHITE HOUSE.’

My mind was just going crazy with fear. My thoughts seemed to be swimming in a circle, like a cat that had been thrown into a cold river. I was so scared, I could not think straight. Words were coming from my mouth, before my mind could think of what it was I was attempting to say. I was trying to decide if I should run and hide or maybe kill myself. Anything was better than what was going to happen in there.

When we reached the door, one of the men took out his keys and stuck one into the lock. I looked back over my shoulder and I saw about 50 boys. They stared in silence. As the door opened, an ungodly odor filled my nose and I could hardly breathe. I remember trying to step through the doorway, but the odor was so overwhelming that I fell in the short hallway inside. One of the men grabbed me by the back of the shirt collar and jerked it up around my neck, choking me. One of the buttons fell off my shirt and hit the floor, rolling very slowly around the corner. Almost everything was happening in slow motion. My whole body was just numb and it was very difficult for me to breathe. I tried to pull the shirt down from around my neck, but the man jerked it once again and hit me on the top of the head with his knuckles. I hit the floor again and bloodied my nose from the impact. At that point, I was not walking at all; my legs would not work.

The two men picked me up and carried me into a small room, which had nothing in it except a bunk bed and a pillow. They put me down on the floor and ordered me to lie on the bed facing the wall. Crying, I pulled myself up onto the edge of the bed and wiped the blood from my nose onto my shirtsleeve. When I looked up at the men's faces, they were plain, cold and hard. They had no expression whatsoever. I did what they told me to do. One of them said to move my hands to the top of the bunk bed and grab the bar at the headboard. I did so as quickly as I could. Not one sound could be heard. I felt one of the men reach under the pillow and slowly pull something out. I turned over quickly and looked at the one who was standing near me. He had a large leather strap in his hand.

"Turn your damn head back toward the wall!" he yelled.

I knew what was going to happen and it was going to be very bad. I had been told what to expect by some of the boys, who were taken to the ‘White House.’ I never heard from some of them again. I also heard that this giant strap was made of two pieces of leather, with a piece of sheet metal sewn in between the halves. Again, everything was dead silent. I remember tightening my buttocks as much as I could. Then I waited and waited, and waited. I remember someone taking a breath, then a footstep. I turned over very quickly and looked toward the man with the leather strap. There was an ungodly look on his face and I knew he was going to beat me to death. I will never forget that look for as long as I live.

I tried to jump off the bed, but I was knocked backward when the leather strap hit me on the side of the face. The men grabbed me and held me to the floor. I was yelling to God to save me, begging for someone, anyone, to help. There was blood all over everything. It was everywhere.

"Please forgive me! Please forgive me," I repeated at the top of my voice. "Please forgive me! Dear God, please help me!"

But it didn't do any good; God didn’t hear me that day. Maybe He was smart enough not ever to enter the White House, even to save a child. After about five minutes of begging, pleading and crying, they told me to get back on the bed and grab the top rail again. They warned that if I tried to get off the bed, the whole thing would repeat from the beginning. I slowly pulled myself up off the floor and got back onto the bed. Again, I grabbed the rail and waited; everything became quiet, except for the two men breathing really hard. Once again, I tightened up my buttocks and waited.

Then all of a sudden, it happened. I thought my head would explode. The thing came down on me over and over. I screamed and kicked and yelled as much as I could, but it did no good. He just kept beating me over and over. However, I never let go of that bed rail. Then there was nothing. The next thing I remember, I was sitting on another wooden bench in the one-armed man's office. I remember wiping the slobber and blood from my mouth. My body felt like it was on fire. I stood and found that I hardly could.

God, God, God, it hurt badly. I will never forget that until the day I die.

One of the men in the office yelled at me to sit down. I told him that I had to go to the bathroom really bad. He pointed at a doorway and said that it was the bathroom; he told me to "make it quick." I slowly walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I looked in the mirror. There was dried blood all over my black and blue face, my hair and in my mouth. I took my torn shirt off, which was hanging from the waistband of my pants and then I turned around and looked into the mirror. My back was black and blue, and also bloody. I almost panicked out of my mind when I saw my reflection. I looked like a monster. I started to cry, but I covered my mouth with both hands so no other boys would hear me. I loosened my belt buckle to get my pants down. It was very painful, but the worst was yet to come. Once they were down, I noticed that my legs were all bloody and my skin was black in color.

I stood over the toilet and tried to urinate, but it just would not come out. I decided to take my underwear down and sit on the toilet until I could go, but the underwear would not come off; it was stuck to my rear end and legs. The cotton material had been beaten into the skin of my buttocks and was dried with blood. I pulled my pants back up and washed my face, mainly because I did not want the other boys to see that I had been crying. I was so scared that I could not stop shaking.

Finally, I walked back into the outer office and saw Mr. SeaLander, my cottage house parent, standing by the doorway. He took me back to my cottage. He called the office to complain about what happened to me. Then he took me to the hospital where the old nurse, Ms. Womack, soaked me in Epsom salts. With tweezers, she pulled the underwear from my skin. Then she petted that big, ugly cat of hers and sent me away.

Why was this done to me?

I never knew until years later, why I was beaten like that. They did it because I said ‘shit’ when I slipped on the diving board at the pool. I do not even remember saying that kind of word. I never was a boy who cursed.

I will never forget for as long as I will live, that vicious beating done to me without even knowing why. I will never forget the monster that I saw in the mirror that day. I will never forget what adults are capable of doing to a child. I will never forget that the State of Florida was behind what happened to me and to many, many other boys - just for running away from an abusive orphanage.

I do not hold any grudges against those men. If Mr. Hatton had not beaten me, another man would have done the job. Those were the rules. To them, it was a job they were paid to do. However, I have always wondered if Mr. Hatton was ever troubled the least little bit by that beating. I have always wondered if Mr. Robert Curry, the phychologiist, got a thrill out of putting a 12 or 13-year-old boy in his place in that manner.

I spoke with Mr. Troy Tidwell, the one-armed man, on the telephone on February 11, 1999. He is now 72 years old and still lives in Marianna, Florida. I asked him if he could locate Mr. SeaLander. He and I joked about the past and had a few laughs together. I'm sure he had no idea who I was. He may not even remember that far back, although I think it is more likely that he does. How could someone not remember beating little boys like that?

I thank you for caring, Mr. SeaLander. Wherever you are, I want to thank you for your kindness and understanding. Because of that one kind deed, I have learned to trust, respect and take the word of my fellow man. Thank you for being kind to me and making me feel that I was worth something to someone. I will always remember, respect and love you for that kindness.

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.


Dated, May 6, 1999

Mr. Kiser,

I do not know what to say to your message (story). It is a heartfelt, painful, incredible story. I am so sorry. I will ask our Secretaries of DJJ and DCF to review their agencies and respond to you directly about current policies, as you have requested that we look into current practices. I hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens in Florida today. Thank you for your message. I will forward your letter along with this response to the Governor. I hope you are doing OK now.

David Rancourt

LETTER FROM JUDGE Kathleen A. Kearney

Dated, August 20, 1999

Dear Mr. Kiser:

Governor Bush has asked that I respond to you on his behalf. I am sorry to hear of the experiences you had during the time you spent in the Florida School for Boys. This Department did not exist when you when there. However, I am told that the "white house" and corporal punishment were banned in the institutions around 1967. I am pleased to say that children do not have to endure that kind of experience today. Now, a 24-hour abuse hotline is available to everyone and state law requires that specified state employees report any abuse or neglect that they observe.

The former training school now houses the Dozier School and is part of the Department of Juvenile Justice. At the Dozier School, the children have free access to a telephone and they can report abuse that occurs. This Department and the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Juvenile Justice investigates all such reports. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Very truly yours,

Judge Kathleen A. Kearney

Letter from Florida Governor

Dear Mr. Kiser:

Thank you for your December 13 email to Governor Bush requesting assistance in locating Mr. Robert SeaLander of the Florida School for Boys in Marianna. The Governor asked that the district respond to you on his behalf.

After reading your story, I certainly sympathize with the undeserved punishment you endured and I am quite stunned that anyone could be so cruel to a child, especially an employee of the State. Also, I must commend you for being able to not hold a grudge against anyone that would do such a thing. I am glad to hear that there was at least one person during that part of your childhood that did show some compassion towards you and I am sorry I was not able to locate Mr. SeaLander for you.

I asked our Background Screening Coordinator, Mr. Barry Taylor, for assistance after spending many unsuccessful hours doing Internet searches and using a number of different spellings. Mr. Barry explained that the Background Screening system wasn't created until the 1990s but he did state that there have been no background searches performed on a Robert SeaLander in the State of Florida since the system was put to use. Although, there is no guarantee that Mr. SeaLander still resides in Florida, a search of the Florida White Pages revealed only two listed Robert SeaLanders in the State. In an attempt to assist you further, I have left messages for each to return my call if they have any information about a Robert SeaLander who previously worked in Marianna. Should either of them contact me, I will explain your situation and provide them with your contact information, should they wish to speak with you.

Thank you for sharing your story with me. It has certainly made me think of the many horrors that orphans must have experienced in those days that have not been made public. However, I am comforted to know the people I have been in contact with in my five short years with the Department of Children and Families here in Jacksonville, really are dedicated to ensuring that all children enjoy their right to a happy and healthy childhood.


Timothy Ring
Operations & Management Consultant II
Department of Children and Families
District 4 Client Relations Office
5920 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, Florida 32211
(904) 723-5323 (8) 841-5323

I wish to end this story by thanking the individuals, whoever you are, who had the heart, compassion and guts to stop these horrible evil deeds committed by the State of Florida.

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

August 16, 2007 12:26 PM

Leslie said...
Mr. Kiser,
I found your comment after doing a little research into what my father refers to as "the boy's home in Marianna". My father has spoken of a beating he received while he was there in the late 1950's. I have not read your comment to my dad, but I was chilled to the bone as my father has even said the name, Mr. Tidwell when referring to the one arm man. The details of my dad's experience are very much like your own, so much so it gave me goosebumps. Because my dad has always been a wonderful father, very generous, loving, and understanding I as an adult have never been able to fully comprehend the hell and torture he endured at Marianna. I also doubt many people can understand the horrors that these young boys such as my father experienced. I applaude you for sharing your experience, and have often encouraged my father to do the same. NO child should EVER be treated in that manner!

September 16, 2007 10:05 AM

Jackie said...
Try this number

Sealander, Robert Kent

44 Kent C

West Palm Beach, FL 33417-1706

(561) 683-7525

November 27, 2007 6:33 PM

Robert said...
When I read this article it really sent chills up my spine, I too was beaten several times at the "white house" the description being entirely accurate. The was also a large fan that they would turn on that made a loud noise to cover up the sounds of the blows and cries of the boys so as to not panic other boys waiting in line to be beaten. I received 30 lashes for "talking about running", my first taste of the white house. Then three more times just for fun. Mr. Tidwell Jr. the one armed man and his father Mr. Tidwell Sr. and a Mr. Hess, one of these would come in the middle of the night and set on my bed just long enough to be in my face as I awoke. I was then taken to the front desk of the cottage and told that I had been smoking and if I denied it I would "go down" So either way I was going to get a beating. Why? Because these child molesting sadistic men needed some late night entertainment.

The "white house" was to the left of the dining hall, behind the offices and school. There was also, on the side of the office/school building an underground room where boys were taken for sexual purposes as no one could hear you scream. When three full grown men have you down there is not much left to do.

Whatever happened to us white boys was twice as bad for the black boys on the other side of the road (separate camps) Up to 200 lashes for them, there were stories that two of the black boys there had run and been beaten to death in the woods and disposed of. I have no doubt this could be true. These men had total control over the camps. Inspectors would come from time to time but we were all notified before they came to be on our best behavior or face the consequences.

I am 62yrs old and still have nightmares about feeling someone sitting down on the edge of my bed, and about the beatings. I had no idea any of these men would still be alive, I am only sorry that I did not tell someone about this but after getting out all I wanted to do was get far away from Florida. Plus the fact that it was something I felt ashamed of and buried in a dark corner of my mind. There should be a reckoning for these terrible crimes committed against children as young as ten.

I am Robert Straley at:

March 5, 2008 7:25 AM

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Court hearing re Justin Caldwell's abuse at Dozier: Interview with Mark Caldwell

April 17, 2007

Rick Reno, attorney for Justin Caldwell, asked the Judge for 60-day extension - his extension was granted. Mr. Reno needs more time to prepare his case, he said. Mr. Reno believes Justin has a very strong Civil Rights case.

After the hearing in Marianna, Mr. Caldwell drove to see his son at Jackson County Jail - across the street from Dozier school for Boys where his son was abused. He was asked to go to Dozier to speak with the administrators there. Mr. Caldwell said the atmosphere at Dozier had changed dramatically. There was more calm, the boys appeared less stressed. He learned that all of the boys know what is happening and are thankful for the stand Mr. Caldwell has taken to advocate for these children.

Mr.Caldwell met with Isaac Williams - Mr. Williams was one of the new adminstrators hired from an outside group to monitor the program "24/7" said Mr. Caldwell. "I told him Justin's story, how he was abused when he was young and how I didn't know about it. And how Justin has been locked up in this system for 5 years, abused and mistreated. Mr. Williams didn't know what to say other than he felt like crying," said Mr. Caldwell.

Department of Juvenile Justice Administrator, Rex Uberman, was there as well. Mr. Uberman indicated he does not want Justin back at Dozier, that he wants him to go home with his father.

Dozier has been in the spotlight before. Just recently six employees were terminated after a sex scandal swept the facility. Four more have been terminated as a direct result of the abuse suffered by Justin. Mr. Uberman said more will be fired, some will brought up on charges of child abuse and on failure to report abuse they witnessed.

Mr. Caldwell had a chance to share his thoughts about what he believes is wrong at Dozier. He told Mr. Uberman and Mr. Williams that the length of stay for many of these boys is excessive. Uberman said they are addressing this issue and that they will need to work with Judges because it is the Judges who are sentencing these boys for long periods of time. However, that is only partially true, as we have seen in Justin's case and in Christopher Sholly's case. Often times the boys are sentenced for a period of time and their time is extended repeatedly. Uberman said it will take a team effort. He agreed that while some kids need incarceration, others can be helped through counseling at home, with their families.

Mr. Caldwell also addressed the issue of telephone calls. Parents receive calls from their children through a phone system and are charged an average of $20 for each 10 minute call. Sometimes, Justin likes to call his father three times in an evening. At that rate, Mr. Caldwell is spending $60 per day to talk to his own son while he could be placing the call himself though a long-distance service with unlimited long-distance calling. This has resulted in some parents not being able to speak to their children as much as they would like. Uberman said this issue will also be addressed. Parents should be encouraged, not discouraged, from speaking to their children. Parent and family involvement is a very important part of the healing process for these children and isolating them from their families does not serve to help them.

We believe progress is being made - we must press forward to be sure that changes continue to be made, that those responsible for abusing children are fired from their jobs, are not allowed to work with children in the future, and are prosecuted to the extent of the law. Those who witnessed the abuse and did not report it should, too, be held responsible for their actions.

CAICA believes that together we can - and do - make a difference.

Monday, April 16, 2007

More from Dawn Chase

From: "Willow Dawn"

Dear Mr. McNeil, (Secretary of DJJ)

I was told that an Investigator had asked Justin Caldwell about any knowledge of contraband being bought into Dozier, and he replied that he does know of it. My son Christopher Sholly had first hand account of this. Here is an entry, and date of that I found in his diary.

This is a Ms. Harvey or Harvy.. female staff officer there.


Dawn Chase

Here is the entry....


Aurther G Dozier School for Boys
Another attempt to mess with my time Aurther G Dozier School for Boys, Marianna FL

Today, Ms. Harvy tried to set me up. She tried to get tobacco dip planted on me. She sent a group of offenders over to me on the rec field. I and Anthony Johnson were sitting under a tree talking. The offenders she sent over to us to post up around us, were: Williams, Brown, McClain, Hammonds, and Nolen. They came around us, and surrounded us. Williams and McClain went behind us poking around on the ground. They dropped something on the ground, then picked it back up and said, "YEAHHHHHH we got you... What this??? I said, "I don't know, what is it?" They all went running over to Ms. Harvy and told her they got it, that we, Anthony and I had it (the dip). This happened around 5:00 PM. Ms. Harvy said, "SHOLLY, YOU HAD THIS???" I told her "NO, I didn't", what is it???" For one, I don't use tobacco in any form, and two, this is just another attempt to mess with my time in a program, and get back at me for telling my Mom about all the abuse they were doing.

Letter from mother, Dawn Chase

From: Secretary DJJ
Date: 4/16/2007 6:44:47 AM
To: Willow Dawn; Secretary DJJ
Cc: Isabelle Zehnder; Mark Caldwell; Cathy Cory
Subject: RE: Abuse at Dozier Justin Caldwell, Christopher Sholly


-----Original Message-----
From: Willow Dawn []
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2007 1:41 AM
To: Secretary DJJ
Cc: Isabelle Zehnder; Mark Caldwell; Cathy Cory
Subject: Abuse at Dozier Justin Caldwell, Christopher Sholly

Dear Mr. McNeil,

I'm also writing to you due to the horrible abuse my son and other's have suffered while in DJJ, This includes the facilities Of Dozier, Greenville HIlls Academy, and Okaloosa Youth Development Center.

There are names that have been named years ago by my Son, and these Staff members are mentioned in his Diary.

Here is a direct link to my Son's diary. I now have a law suite pending against this State for the cruel and inhumane Treatment that has left my son suffering now with severe emotional problems, and has been diagnosed with Post traumatic Stress disorder, and is now on medication and treatment under a Doctors care.

For years I have tried to tell this Department of all the abuse and treatment that my son went through, and What he also witnessed. My son was also falsely accused of hitting a staff member with only 20 days left till he Was to come home. He too was direct filed into the adult system at the age of 17, and suffered in Indian River
Correctional Institute, where he was beaten. I cannot believe the gross treatment and neglect that our youth suffer from in this state, and many of them in for Minor "KID" actions.

Please read my Son's diary

You may then scroll down, and read his entries also here..

The names I have of those that abused my son, and his story about how they abused him are in his diary.. I'll list them here as well. These men and woman need to be removed from our facilities.

Greenville Hills Merrit Cottage 2002

Mr. Jones
Damien Choice
Mr. Bleu (Blue)
Ms. Thompson
Rodney Baynard
Mr. Mactear
Ms. Dickie
Ms. Hopkins
Mr. Joseph
Mr. Williams

John Tallon at this time, he was the Northwest Regional Director
Okaloosa Development Center

Mr. Robinson
Mr. Winston
Marvin Bliss

Dozier School for boys

Mr. Miller
Mr. Zanders
Mr. Spears
Mr. Spates(Speight)??? Spelling
Ms. Harvey
Timothy Justice
Gavin Tucker
ED LEEKS... he has since retired, and needs to have his pension taken from him!!
Mr. Williams this is the staff member that accused my son of hitting him... where the tape came up missing or was
un viewable.
JC White

I will be calling these facilities to make sure they are fired from DJJ, with a NO REHIRE classification, and I want charges bought up on the people that my son mentioned.

I also would like to be able to reach some of the boys that were abused by staff that were mentioned. I and my attorney need to contact Tyler Clarrey, and Anthony Johnson.

Some of these staff have even been promoted to superintendants since their abuse of my son and others. Some have been transferred to other facilities, and I do know where some are.

I will be giving my son's story to the media as well. These people are the scum of DJJ, and they don't care about these kids. They do nothing but hurt them, mentally and physically. As of now.. my son will never be able to hold a job and keep it.
He is on SSI as well. I intend to make sure DJJ and this rotten State compensate him and his family for what you all put us all through!!!!!!!!! I will never stop and will work to make sure a major reform of all policies and programs are fixed and changed! I am in close contact with Mark Caldwell, and will go to Tallahassee with him if and when the time comes. Something has got to change.. these kids need to be given an amount of time in a program, and come home... not have any extentions or starting over!!! The staff need to know that should they lay a hand on any child, charges will be pressed.

I'm sick of hearing of all the abuse going on. I sat in on a conference call with John Tallon, Timothy Justice, a few weeks ago,concerning Justin Caldwell, and told them that I knew exactly what they were doing, and they both lied to me, stating that they would make sure that an honest investigation would be done.. I see now that at the beginning of it, this was not done, and they were going to sweep everything under the rug as they did to my son as well.

When a parent rocks the boat, and reports abuse going on.. wether it is on their own child or another as I did and Mark Caldwell did, retaliation, and false charges are pressed on the child. Abuse anywhere should be reported without the fear or retaliation.

This abuse has been going on at Dozier for many years. A well known Author by the name of Roger Kiser, who writes in the books "chicken soup for the soul" was a boy at Dozier... abused severely as well. He has writeen testimony on this.

It is up to you to make changes in all policies and procedure. If things do not change, then there will be more abused children, and more deaths.

I intend to sue this state on behalf of my son, and I won't stop there till major changes are made.

Mark Caldwell has also contacted Vice President Dick Cheaney and he is well aware of the atrocities here in the Florida DJJ system... It does not work. If you wish to speak to me, I would appreciate your call.

Dawn Chase
Christopher Sholly's Mother

Justin Caldwell - abused at Florida DJJ

Letter from father:

Please help me and so many others who have children in the Fl. Department of juvenile Justice system, here are copies of emails that I have just sent to Florida Gov. Crist and the FBI, also I have sent copies to the White House, Fl.Senate, Florida DJJ, Florida state Department of Justice, and others etc.

I am starting to get responses back and some are helping, they are starting an investigation March 6, 2007. The Aurthur G. Dozier School For Boys needs to be investigated, the staff abuse the children they are supposed to help, then file false reports tocover tracks and sometimes file charges on boys that committed no offense just to cover up or get rid of them and pass them around to other detention facilities to keep Federal money in Florida department of Juvenile Justice hands, it creates jobs for the abusive animals who are paid to care for our children these are adolesant teens who are already trying to cope with alot of other issues let alone abuse.

Any help at all would be appreciated!!

Thank you for your time!!!

Sincerely, Mark Caldwell

My address personal info is included in this email, and here are 2 links:

The 2nd link shows what a man is capable of doing to a young boy and it still goes on,just in other ways!

Again Thank you!!!


Dear Mr. Crist,

My son is currently in Arthur G. Dozier School for Boy's he has been incarcerated since he was 13 year's old, he is now 18 years old, my son is being abused as are other's, by staff member's at Dozier, they are falsifying report's and have gotten by with it until now, because I am getting involved, this is an attempt to get your help on this matter, before I seek it elsewhere. There needs to be an investigation, there are many witnesses. The latest abuse of my son included his head being repeatedly banged on a concrete floor 2 time's in 1 week, the 2nd time he lost consciousness and was taken to Jackson County hospital in Marianna Fl. and received a cat scan. There are witnesses to both incidents, of course the staff say he banged his own head on the floor, but ask where the tape is from ISP the night of the second incident, 10 to 1 they do not have it. Now of course there's the superintendent Mr. Timothy Justice, who will definitely butter it all up real nice, I see right through him, he is a liar, Period.There are too many incident's to list, and a lot of false report's, again, this is an attempt to get your support on this dangerous matter, and I will prove it with or without your support, because I will go on up, however, I would rather have your help, I want help!

My only child in this World is in Dozier being abused by the one's who are paid to help him. He should havealready been home but staff member's keep antagonizing him into more time, and nothing else better happen to him,{my son} or I will not stop until Dozier is shut down.I hope you find this to be a serious matter Sir, and thank you for your time!

My son's name is Justin Caldwell and my name is Mark Caldwell, sincerely the same!


Thursday Feb 22nd 2007


FBI :To whom it may concern,

My name is Mark Caldwell, I am the father of Justin Caldwell who is being mentally and physically abused at Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna Florida.He was originally incarcerated at the Elaine Gordon Treatment Facility for Boys, in Broward County Florida for a treatment program lasting for 12 to 15 months this was at the age of 13 [ 2002 ] after approx. one year and an arm broken by a staff member he was transfered to Dozier where he is still incarcerated.

While at Dozier he has had his face smashed into a door by Mr. Miller a staff member who also threatened to kill him twice.My son has been " Choked Out " which means choked from behind until he looses consciousness so many times he does not remember. He has witnessed the abuse of other juveniles as well, and approx 3 weeks ago he had his head banged repeatedly on a concrete floor on 2 different occasions the 2nd of which he had to go to Jackson county hospital for a Cat Scan because he lost consciousness.

The first incident happened in the dinning hall when Justin brushed by a staff member named Mr. Wooten who became irritated and took Justin to the floor put his hands around Justin's neck choked him and began banging Justin's head on the floor, because it happened in the dinning hall there are many witnesses, and a staff member Mr. Spears later told Justin that Mr. Wooten used excessive force.

The 2nd incident occurred in Roosevelt Cottage when a staff member by the first name of Albert ask Justin to stand up, then said are you going to sit down Caldwell, to which Justin replied you just asked me to stand up sir, the staff then grabbed Justin by the throat and kicked Justin's feet out from under him, taking Justin to the floor with his hands around Justin's neck, him being Albert the staff member began banging Justin's head on the concrete floor, staff member then got off of Justin, when Justin stood up he said he felt dizzy and fell into another staff members arms.

He then remembers waking up in the middle of the floor and he heard a staff member ask Albert if he was scared this is when staff was called to take Justin to the hospital.There are many things that happen like this at Dozier frequently, and there are witnesses and there is also a staff member named Latoya Terri that witnessed an incident and the falsifying of reports and she has been fired.

There are to many incidents of abuse to write about you need to talk to Justin Caldwell and the other youth at Dozier. My son and the other youth at Dozier are supposed to receive help and this is abuse instead and it is criminal to treat our children this way!

Please help my son!

Mark Caldwell
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Well my son Justin Caldwell went to court today for his arraignment, he pleaded not guilty, and refused a public defender, which is what I wanted him to do. They set his next court date for April 10th 2007 in Marianna Fl., on the charge of "battery on a detention staff", when in fact the detention staff, Mr. Wooten assaulted my son, now I need help with an attorney, my son is innocent of this cover up charge, and not an attorney from Marianna fl. I believe they are with the judge, or buddy,buddy, my son also said they said he would be facing 5 more years if found guilty, so I need help, my son told me the judge was already shaking his head and saying, no, no, no, when he tried to speak!!!

Sincerely Mark Caldwell