Monday, April 16, 2007

More from Dawn Chase

From: "Willow Dawn"

Dear Mr. McNeil, (Secretary of DJJ)

I was told that an Investigator had asked Justin Caldwell about any knowledge of contraband being bought into Dozier, and he replied that he does know of it. My son Christopher Sholly had first hand account of this. Here is an entry, and date of that I found in his diary.

This is a Ms. Harvey or Harvy.. female staff officer there.


Dawn Chase

Here is the entry....


Aurther G Dozier School for Boys
Another attempt to mess with my time Aurther G Dozier School for Boys, Marianna FL

Today, Ms. Harvy tried to set me up. She tried to get tobacco dip planted on me. She sent a group of offenders over to me on the rec field. I and Anthony Johnson were sitting under a tree talking. The offenders she sent over to us to post up around us, were: Williams, Brown, McClain, Hammonds, and Nolen. They came around us, and surrounded us. Williams and McClain went behind us poking around on the ground. They dropped something on the ground, then picked it back up and said, "YEAHHHHHH we got you... What this??? I said, "I don't know, what is it?" They all went running over to Ms. Harvy and told her they got it, that we, Anthony and I had it (the dip). This happened around 5:00 PM. Ms. Harvy said, "SHOLLY, YOU HAD THIS???" I told her "NO, I didn't", what is it???" For one, I don't use tobacco in any form, and two, this is just another attempt to mess with my time in a program, and get back at me for telling my Mom about all the abuse they were doing.

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